Engineering is sure fun. With so many enhancements in the field, one doubtful question is, which engineering are we willing to take up?

With multiple options in hand, do you feel confused and stressed while making the decision of picking a career option? With engineering comes multiple options and career choices and no doubt, you find yourself confused!

It is absolutely okay that we don’t know much about things. Confusion will always lead us to investigate well reaching onto the best results.

If you have almost thought yourself out then you surely want to know if Production or Industrial engineering is for you or not.
Production and Industrial Engineering

Here is a checklist that might help you:

1. Attention to details

Having an eye for details is a must. This will help you to make sure things are working out for good. This also helps you to bring every better possibility under construction to make sure a better product is coming on the table.
Attention to details

2. Communication

Clear communication is the best part about any profession! When we make sure things are happening well, we are indirectly also making sure somewhere, the communication is going in the best manner.

Imagine you are working on something and you are not sure how to go ahead. A better communication skill will help you in this case!

3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

What makes a revolutionary idea bring in the best possibilities? This is not only about ideas but this is even more about all the thought process that makes us reach the final idea.

Critical thinking leads us to the best possibility while including all the related if(s) and then(s) in the process.
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

4. Computer aided technology

The career needs not only some habitual aptitudes but also some of technical aptitudes. You can hype up your technical side and bring in better gains as you complete your computer-aided design, commonly referred to as CAD, or similar programs.
Computer aided technology

5. Reliability and trainability

Do you have the skill to complete your job without any supervision post training? If you do, then why not try for this career? With your skills and reliability you would fit this job role, if you have interest to appear for CAD too.

Do you find yourself trainable? If so then sky is the limit! Because you would surely need to be trained every now and then for some tasks here and there!
Reliability and trainability

6. Lean manufacturing

Working on the possibilities of inculcating six sigma or lean manufacturing smoothness in your work attitude will help you make sure the manufacturing process is going smooth.

The final goal simply remains the same, making the manufacturing process, quick and efficient.
Lean manufacturing

7. Fabrication and welding

Do you like to create stuff, no matter whatever be the material? Does fabrication, the process of creating metal structures, parts and products takes up your heart? Having some background in cutting and stamping along with the design procedures and fusing of two metals in welding definitely sets you apart.

All these creative side-lines of yours will help you to make sure you surely have what it needs to be a fabrication and welding person.
Fabrication and welding

8. Machining

Do you like to cut, shape out and make things out that would take breath in just one go? If yes then you should try this! Along with this do you also have hands in trying and seeing what happened to machines and are genuinely interested in their repairing?

One of the vital production skill, machining involves creating shapes, structures or materials from metal using special machines designed for the purpose.

9. Project planning

If you can dream it then you can surely achieve it. With better ways of bringing things on the role, we all can be more involved in getting things accomplished in the best manner!

With a desire to bring right technique on the panel, we all need to bring better gains on the table. This is all made possible by having a good planning strategy!
Project planning

10. Quality management

With every process that is happening, are you bringing quality on the table? If you like to be inclined towards quality then you surely are on the right track.

This skill will help you do good being either a product or industry engineer.
Quality management
With these few ways to know if you can make a career in Product Engineering or Industrial engineering, here is a little more insight about these two:


  1. Designing equipment, processes, procedures and systems to facilitate operations.
  2. Purchasing and installing equipment for manufacturing.
  3. Repairing equipment and responding to breakdowns.
  4. Investigating production problems and making improvements to enhance efficiency in overall operations.
  5. Supervising engineering and technical staff.
  6. Managing budgets and statistical and financial records of the industries.

Job Roles:

  1. Industrial Designer
  2. Industrial Engineer
  3. Quality Control Engineer
  4. Manufacturing Engineer
  5. Process Engineer
  6. Project Engineer
  7. Field Engineer

How to become a Product/Industry Engineer?

  1. Qualify 12th from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with min. 60% aggregate score.
  2. Clear JEE Main, JEE Advanced, or GATE exams and get in your dream college. (Bag the tag of an ECE student in one of the reputed colleges.)

Skills that make one, a cool AI engineer!

  1. Commercial awareness to assist in economical operation.
  2. Working effectively under pressure.
  3. Problem-solving skills for smooth operations.
  4. Relevant technical knowledge to design the systems for industries.
  5. Good leadership skills along with necessary IT skills.
Skills that make one, a cool AI engineer!

Big shots who welcome Product/Industry engineers with open arms:

  1. TATA Motors
  2. Mahindra
  3. Vedanta
  4. TATA Hitachi
  5. Hyundai
  6. Trident Group Limited
  7. Mu Sigma
  8. Laxmi Machine Tool Limited
  9. Larson & Turbo (L&T)
  10. Suzuki
  11. Godrej

Universities that would help you with your dream!

  1. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  2. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
  3. Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal
  4. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar
  5. Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad
  6. VIT University, Vellore

Salary Scores!

With fee scores ranging from 6.4 – 8.5 lakhs in India’s various colleges, here are the salary scores!

Earn back your fees in approximately two years!
  1. Entry-level – Rs. 2.5 – 5 Lakhs
  2. Mid-career – Rs. 5 to 7 Lakhs
  3. Experienced – Rs. 7 to 15 Lakhs


With amazingly talented sides of yours, if the very thought of becoming an Industrial or Production engineer gives you camps, then we need to talk.

Yes! Apple has roped in Tata Electronics for developing iPhone components in India. That’s a big catch! And a production engineer can do it all, with an industrial engineer actualizing it well.

But if all these things seem too much for you and you need someone to hear you, we would love to be your listening ears.

Let us stay in touch.
Did you know:

In short, if you think to be a production or industrial engineer, you would be aiming basically at:

  1. Developing
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Implementing
  4. Improving

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