Hey! Do you know Alexa is always listening to your conversations? Samsung is 38 years and 1 month elder to Apple and Firefox logo isn’t a fox but it is a red panda!

All these fun facts relate to Information technology (IT) and with a rise in pandemic situations, hikes were seen in the jobs for this field too!
Information technology

Information technology is everything that covers how we connect with each other, the platforms we use to share our social likings and simply when we want to play some stuff online! It is a broad branch of science providing students with technological skills and scientific knowledge. Exploring is all about how electronic data is generated, processed, stored, and specializations like security, hardware, software applications, and artificial intelligence, are employed.

But would this field bring goodness to you or not, this you will have to figure out. This is more about knowing how much you can make from this field and how this would add better scenes in career and life?

Before you think of making better and bigger from this field, it’s time to be sure if you would ever be able to get along with this field or not.

Have a look of this list below. This might work for you as a guiding compass:

Problems are going to be endless in any venture. And when it is about IT field, we will witness a lot of stuff happening every now and then. What matters more in IT is, we see a problem and then we try together to find its best solution.

Now another phase will bring another set of problems, which again need some sort of special treatment.

If you won’t be bored of this repeated problem solving cycle, as you think of solutions, you can try your hands in IT!
You foresee a problem​

2. You tend to work out solutions for a glitch, every single time, without giving up!

Finding a technological glitch does not make you worried but it makes you feel why not try me!

If you like puzzles then you would be happy in coming across with problems in IT that you can have fun at while solving.

If this is you, who keeps going even after coming across problem, your appetite to solve problem while having fun is large! And this is a greater thing to keep going ahead in IT: as all you would be served is a problem to work upon!

You tend to work out solutions for a glitch, every single time, without giving up!

3. Creativity

The originality that creativity brings can never be beaten!

Your inclination towards creativity and coming up with new and interesting ideas will become the backbone to your IT career graph. Information Technology has a continuous need to bring innovative trends on the table.

Companies are already set to bring talents in house who would bring better solutions to their needs that are both creative and approachable!


4. Project Management

You won’t be working on only one project. You certainly would desire promotions and promotions would need you to take more projects in hands. And that’s amazing!

But you then need to do multi-tasking! Better ways to handle multiple projects and multi-tasking would surely take you to places when you are ready to bring your efforts on the table.

Project Management

5. Resourcefulness

The best part about IT: it keeps changing; even if answers remain same the need is to bring something more on the table. And every new time, the new should always be more than the earlier better one!

How to be better at new stuff? Simple! Keep yourself in loop with the new stuff. Accomplish this by getting in sync with the IT knowledge.

Know more about technology and using that knowledge in your work area to develop something new with an edge!

Are you ready to explore and get some more in your IT knowledge bank? If this is you, then growth and promotion will never leave you!


6. Curious Nature

One of the biggest sides of an ITian would be: they want to know many things. If you are also a knowledge accumulator, then you surely would know many things. And you are already on your path, to know many more things!

And once we have loads of things in our minds, we can use that knowledge to come up with something amazing! This will help you to keep going and bring newness in your work: something that all IT clients’ actually desire.

Curious Nature

7. Collaboration

Working in teams is never an easy thing. Alone, you can plan and stick to your timelines and get best out of yourself. Actually you don't have to depend on anyone!

How much would you core yourself when it comes to being a team player? This would need you to wait upon the people, keep them in loop carefully for every small change in the work plan or the process or even in the project!

This is even more about trying to make sure the team laughs, argues and comes to a conclusion that would make the idea work for the project’s success. And ending up all satisfied with all that we accomplish!


8. Learning Ability

Nobody comes all prepared from the start rather we all start from the scratch. We all learn step by step with every passing day.

As the technology keeps changing, it is needed to keep learning the new things that come up.

If you are good in absorbing things that re new to you, you also ought to be great in unlearning things that are not a part of the process anymore. If this is you, super adaptable, why don't you give a try for the field man!

Learning Ability

9. Critical Thinking

Without critically thinking and analyzing the situation, nobody would be able to come to a proper conclusion.

Critically thinking is not just about coming to a solution. This is even more about making sure the solution is not creating any new issues apart from helping the cause on the table!

How much would you rate yourself on the verge of thinking critically and analyzing things well to know, how the problem ends.

Critical Thinking

10. Passion

Nothing can beat the passion that you have for IT. Neither demotion nor unkind words at the work place.

No doubt the process would not be easy, but through it all, if you have your passion for IT, you will cross everything and you will be all set to make things come to pass.

Are you ready for this change, then?

With these few ways to know if you can make a career in IT, here is a little more insight on this:

What one does being an IT engineer?

  • Designs, operates or maintains technological products.
  • Provides services related to software, hardware, databases, Web resources, networks and enterprise systems.
  • Works in network management, software development and database administration.
  • Provides technical support to a business or an organization and trains the workers on the information systems.
  • Designs systems and check the capabilities of any technology resources of the concern.
  • Persuades external partners, including consultants, agencies and vendors, for appropriate system or integration of multiple systems deals.
  • Plans, implements, and maintains all information technology products.
  • Troubleshoots issues for both hardware and software.
  • Provides end-user support for a variety of web applications.

How to qualify for the IT programme?

● 50% marks in 12th Science stream or equivalent board (Computer Science as one of the subjects in HSC).

Did you know?

Skills that make one, a cool IT engineer!

  • Organizational Skills
  • Research
  • Customer Service
  • Software skills like Cloud Security, JBoss Application Server, Metadata Design
  • Integration Architecture
  • Distributed Computing
  • Information Architecture
  • Hands on programming languages

Big shots who welcome IT engineers with open arms:

  • IBM
  • Infosys
  • Dell
  • Intel
  • Wipro
  • HP
  • TechMahindra
  • HCL Infotech
  • TCS
  • CTS
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft

Institutes that can help your dreams come true:

  • Delhi Technological University
  • Anna University
  • National Institute of Technology, Surathkal
  • Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
  • International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H)
  • Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology
  • VIT University, Vellore
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
  • College of Engineering, Pune
  • Jadavpur University
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad
Institutes that can help your dreams come true:

Fields that are helped by IT

  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Mass Media
  • Finance
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
Fields that are helped by IT

Did you know?

India is emerging as the new hub of Digital Skills. Who knows you can be the next one contributing to this emergence!

Salary Packages:

  • Project Manager, Information Technology: 16.87 lakh PA
  • Team Leader:12.99 lakh PA
  • IT Consultant – 14.48 lakh PA
  • Senior Software Engineer :9.96 lakh PA
  • Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer: 9.71 lakh PA
  • Software Developer: 4.95 lakh PA
  • Software Engineer: 5.31 lakh PA

Are you ready to engage in smart and innovative work? Information Technology opens its doors for the young fresh minds to serve the company with novel systems and web designs.

Information Technology postgraduate program in the country is around 2.2-3.2 lakhs while the average salary (fresher) is 303,594 PA.

You get to earn back your fee in 2 years or less!

Now tell us frankly, what is it that still makes you confused over picking IT? Is it your passion, money limitation or you are simply confused? The brilliant Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been developed with innovative IT minds. What is stopping you from being the next creator? Being confused is not a problem but not trying to solve your confusion is not a good way to go ahead! It is better to sort it out than feel guilty later. Let us know if you want to  talk!

In-trend hiring!`

Which one suits you?
  • Software developer
  • Tech lead
  • Tech architect
  • Testing engineer
  • Technical content developer
  • Database architect
  • Solution architect
In-trend hiring!

Overseas on your mind?

You can try for:

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • United States
  • South Africa
Overseas on your mind?

Did you know

Information Technology and business technology together are positioning India as a champion in rocking the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative: Local technology going global!
Did you know

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