Data is the backbone of many industries or we should say data is the backbone of almost every industry these days. This data is not always in a presentable format. It involves a lot of screening and investing of efforts to bring better information on the surface.

With multiple career options, it is evidently easy to get confused, which career path to choose. Whether you want to be a part of the Data researching team, or you want to be the manager who helps with team supervision, decisions can be daunting or difficult at times!
CSE Data Science

How to know if your Data Science stream is for you or not?

1. You have an inbuilt problem solving attitude

Problem solving attitude is one of the best things to hold on to. This does not speak only about one career but if we have problem solving instincts and are good with programming too, how about becoming a data scientist? Our team thinks, why not!

Problem solving attitude and then having a better share of technical sides can always help you in becoming a data scientist. What do you say?
You have an inbuilt problem solving attitude

2. Your hands are good at coding and programming

Not everybody is good at coding and programming. But if you enjoy coding and are in love with your talent of programming, then you surely should reap its benefits. It’s high time now!

With good hands at coding and programming, you would be writing programs that would handle your data and help you with automated protocols.

You would really need to know various languages. This is because solving complex issues would require quantitative knowledge of various programming languages.

Are you ready for this one?
Your hands are good at coding and programming

3. You call yourself a good team player

Along with good hands-on coding and finding it amazing to bring solutions to the table, is it your hidden talent to play well in teams? If playing in teams, experimenting with coding and problem solving instincts make up your interests, then you would be happy in leading a Data Science team or being a part of one!

Kudos! Did we solve your doubt?
You call yourself a good team player

4. Quantitative ability is at peak

If you can be sure with your quantitative analysis skill, then why not try to be a data scientist? Now we know, only having quantitative analysis skills won’t be enough. And you need even more logical and technical skills on the table.

If you have an inclination towards the technical side then your choice of making a career in data science would be a good choice.
Quantitative ability is at peak

5. Effective communication is your talent

Being a data scientist, you would need to communicate a lot. This communication needs to be clear; Slight misunderstanding in communication might lead you to big differences and thus weird consequences in your results.

With these possible sides of a person that might help him/her in securing a career in data science, there is also a need for consistency, persistency and a sure need to bring better attitudes to the table.
Effective communication is your talent

Did you know?

A little more insight in computer science engineering:

Job role of a data scientist:

Data scientists, with the utmost need of simplifying information chunks, work to make information available in the easiest form easing the process of understanding.

And here are few more aspects of this job role:
  1. Designing and building new data collection processes for modeling, data mining and production.
  2. Determining new ways to improve data and search quality along with forecasting capabilities.
  3. Performing data studies and product experiments on new data sources. 
  4. Developing prototypes, feedback sources, algorithms, forecast models and custom analysis.
  5. Aligning the architecture with the business needs.
  6. Telling stories to key stakeholders based on their analysis.
Did you know

Did you know?

How to be a Data Scientist?

  1. Complete your 12th with min 70% and 10th with min. 60% total from the approved board.
  2. Have a minimum of 50% in math at the qualifying level.
  3. Bag your admission in the college through JEE Main and some other private college examinations.
And there you go with B. Tech in Data Science!

Skills that would make one a cool Data Scientist:

  1. Strong understanding of data science concepts and expertise in the same.
  2. A handful of experience with ETL tools.
  3. Knowledge of BI tools.
  4. Knowledge of Big Data Technologies: Hadoop and Kafka. (These are the technical sides of the skills and don’t worry, you will get to learn these in the course!)
  5. Machine Learning (ML) Structures and Libraries: TensorFlow, Spark, Bytarch, ML Pack.Knowledge of Python, Java and Scala programming languages.

Hubs that welcome data scientist with open arms:

  1. Deloitte
  2. LinkedIn
  3. MuSigma
  4. Flipkart
  5. IBM
  6. Accenture
  7. Citrix
  8. Myntra
Did you know


With your hands well on technology and an eye for details, we believe your desire to work on stuff and make a living while throwing light on hidden insights would be a great add-on to your career side!

If you are willing to use your talents, skills this way and if your interests match with what we have mentioned above, then it’s time to stop procrastinating.

It is not always about being comfortable, but chasing after dreams, with all that you have got.

A little willingness to bring in all your efforts and work hard, would take you to places that you will enjoy working at!

Got some more doubts. We would love to help you out!

Universities to help you with Data Science:

  1. IIT Mandi
  2. Manipal
  3. VIT
  4. Coimbatore Institute of Technology
  5. P.S.G College of Technology
  6. Jain University
  7. Lovely Professional University
  8. Jagannath University
Universities to help you with Data Science

Facts check!

Data Scientist on the money meter!
Title Experience Gross Compensation
Entry-level data

Less than 1 year ₹539,857
Mid-level data

1-4 years ₹682,500
Well-experienced data

5-9 years ₹1,200,000
Facts check!

Fun Facts!

OpenAI, a non-profit organization supported by tech mogul Elon Musk, published a language model, ‘GPT-3’.

It learned the intricacies of English by looking at all the data available on the Internet that can generate whole documents of well-coordinated text with minimum human intervention.
Fun Facts!

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