Every Crisis comes with an opportunity. Just a bend in your situation or a new question at the horizon does not mean all possibilities are taken out.

This is what we all witnessed practically, when pandemic hit us all. Yes, we were restricted from our regular physical meetups. But did you notice the era of technology actually started taking new levels?

Not to miss, the rising internet era has made Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning the rising superstars to win over the hearts of many from this GenZ!

Humans are confined to limits, but what if we blend the creativity of humans along with the intelligence of machines and make something that is full of potential? And that is what exactly the potential of AI and ML aims at!

The simple slogan while bringing Al in many things could be: Making machines work smartly while adding human-like decision making and creativity to them!

Won’t you like to be a part of something that keeps getting better with time? If you are here because you were simply looking for options on your career, then we would like to serve the best.

Not only because we know careers are important but because we know your choices matter to you.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

By the way, why should you opt for Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence?

Here is a step wise guide that can help you breakdown the thought process as you move ahead in your career:

1. Do you like to bring newness in the current norm?

Do you feel like things get into a boring norm after a while? Do you always incline towards having new ways in your method of working? If you are a person who likes to incline towards newness then these two fields would never fail to impress you!

The moment a problem arises you will find yourself digging a reply for the same. The basis of coming to the conclusion would be to use the same data chunk available, but the results will always surprise you!
Do you like to bring newness in the current norm?

2. Are you a fan of automation and quickness?

If you like to make things happen quickly, then you are already in love with the lightning speed of technology. ML and AI are simply trying to bring in quickness while making results free from any sort of error.

Automation is made possible while reading patterns from the collected data and bringing changes in the system that could help with speeding up the process. Are you a fan of such automation that could help the human race? If this is you then choosing the side of AI and ML is a greater idea!
Are you a fan of automation and quickness?

3. You like to juggle between data and research has been your area of interest?

Are you a person who would like to play with data and bring some hidden things into the agenda? Do you like to show light on stuff that would bring better things into the limelight?

Does it enlighten your day when your research leads you to something new and is possibly a solution to some problem? And not only this, you would like to invest all those findings in creating a solution that would help people bridge the gap between machines and humans.

If this is you then join the bandwagon.
You like to juggle between data and research has been your area of interest?

4. You are good with mathematics, logic and of course reasoning!

Nobody can start on the journey of making machines do the most of the work without being good at mathematics, logic and reasoning.

Do you like to code and bring up something amazing on the table? If this is you then you surely need to know, you can try your hands in this field.

Not only this, you also have a side towards human problems and want to invest your engineering knowledge in making something that will bring the best on the table for the human race?
You are good with mathematics, logic and of course reasoning!

5. Basic knowledge of business processes

AI and ML are in sync with each other and want to bring better and error proof opportunities in businesses. This also requires the aspired candidates to be able to absorb basic business processes.

This will help in absorbing techniques and making sure the technology is used well in bringing better solutions on the shelf. Also your better communication skills would be an add-on to the requirement.

As things progress, we surely need better AI/ML models and capabilities into multiple business processes and operations. This will help in knowing better insights and thus helps to serve customers in an enhanced way.
Basic knowledge of business processes

6. Some more perspectives to be added

Along with skills and things at hand, we need to be ready to tarry through the difficult and trying moments of our career. Not every field is going to be easy or the truth is none of the career fields is going to be easy.

Though when we think of picking a field, it seems good to us but in the long run every stream or field requires us to bring in efforts even when we don’t feel like it.

If your interests are listed above and you want to try your hands in making a career in AI and ML, then let us keep giving our best along with our efforts.

Industries need more flexibility, visibility and efficiency in their operations. This is possible by adoption of solutions that will help address the need of the hour, ranging from AI to better machine learning.
Some more perspectives to be added

With these few ways to know if you can make a career in AI or ML, here is a little more insight about these two:

What one does being an AI engineer?

  1. Researching, transforming and implementing Data science models or the starting models.
  2. Creating/ implementing appropriate Machine Learning algorithms/principles.
  3. Ability to find out the right AI tools.
  4. Researching and implementing modern software development procedures.
  5. Developing Machine Learning applications as required.
  6. Working with the Robotics team.
  7. Choosing the appropriate data representation models.
  8. Performing ML/AL testing.
  9. Training and modifying the system as needed.
  10. Staying informed about the latest AI trends.

How to qualify for B.Tech/B.E Artificial Intelligence programme?

  1. Clear class 12th qualifying exam from a recognized Board.
  2. Pass the qualifying exam from Science stream (With physics and mathematics as the compulsory subject).
  3. Get admission to the degree offered through various entrance exams conducted at national/state level like JEE (private colleges conduct their own entrance exams).

Did you know?

Did you know?

Skills that makes one, a cool AI engineer!

  1. Well-versed with Machine Learning concepts.
  2. In-depth knowledge of Mathematical logics and algorithms.
  3. Good on Unix Tools.
  4. Knowledge of advanced signal processing techniques.
  5. Understanding Artificial neural networks (a computing system inspired by the human brain) and Data Science.

Big shots who welcome AI engineers with open arms:

  1. Amazon
  2. Intel
  3. Accenture
  4. Facebook
  5. Microsoft
  7. IBM
  8. Lenovo
  9. Samsung
Big shots who welcome AI engineers with open arms:


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