Vardhaman College of Engineering, Rangareddy – 2021

Vardhaman College of Engineering (VCE) was established in 1999 in Hyderabad Telangana in a serene atmosphere as a private institution. It is a UGC-approved autonomous institution accredited by the NAAC, whose courses are approved by the AICTE, and it is a Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-affiliated institution that practices a choice-based credit system that allows students to choose a wide range of elective courses so that they can study what they want.

In this analysis, we are going to check out all the details about the institute’s students’ stats, faculty, courses offered, graduation outcomes & placements, median salary & top recruiters, infrastructures, and fees structures. All the details are authentic since we got these from the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) where VCE gave its reports.

Courses Offered at VCE

VCE offers a modest number of 9 courses in undergraduate programs and merely 5 courses in post-graduate programs in engineering science & technology, respectively.

Students Intake at VCE

Students Intake
VCE admitted 900 students each in 2021, 2020, and 2019 at UG programs and 108 students each in 2021 and 2020 at PG programs, respectively.
VCE has 323 distinguished professors at its faculty and the faculty-to-student ratio is 1:12, that is, one professor is available for every 12 students.

VCE Annual Expenditures

Capital Expenditure
VCE spent Rs. 2.7 crores as capital expenditure in 2021, of which merely 10.52% spent on the library to buy books, journals, and electronic courses, a modest 25.85% spent on buying new equipment and software for quality research, 4.97% spent on workshops, and the remaining 58.66% spent on the creation of capital assets and other expenditures. In 2020, the capital expenditure was Rs. 2.09 crores and it was around Rs. 1.96 crores in 2019. The spending of capital expenditure has been increased in 2021 when compared to the last two years.
Operational Expenditure
VCE spent over Rs. 35.07 crores in 2021 as operational expenditure, of which a significant 71.08% spent on paying salaries to professors and supporting staff, a modest 28.57% spent on maintaining academic infrastructures, and the remaining 0.35% spent on conducting Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops. Spending as operational expenditure was Rs. 30.12 crores in 2020 and Rs. 27.52 crores in 2019. The spending of operational expenditure has also been increased in 2021 when compared to the last two years.

VCE Research Details

Sponsored Projects
As VCE has some distinguished professors and research scholars at its faculty, many big companies are willing to sponsor this institution, and therefore, it received Rs. 66.3 lakhs through 9 sponsored research projects from 3 companies in 2021, and it received Rs. 93.4 lakhs and Rs. 1.15 crores through 10 and 11 sponsored projects from 3 companies each in 2020 and 2019, respectively.
Consultancy Projects
VCE received Rs. 18.1 lakhs through 9 consultancy projects from 7 companies in 2021, and it received Rs. 25.6 and Rs. 23.8 lakhs through 17 and 20 consultancy projects from 12 and 16 companies in 2020 and 2019, respectively.

VCE Graduations & Placements

UG Graduations & Placements
At VCE, a massive 1027 students got admitted to UG degree courses and a considerable 84.13% of them graduated, of whom 84.71% got placements at top companies and 151 students went for higher studies in 2021; a significant 79.82% of students graduated, of whom 96.16% got placements, and 198 were selected for higher studies in 2020; and a bulky 88.39% of students graduated, of whom 92.71% got placements and 215 were selected for higher studies in 2019.
PG Graduations & Placements
At the PG programs, a bulky 81.03% graduated, of whom 40% got placements at top companies, and 2 were selected for higher studies in 2021; a significant 76.67% of the students graduated, of whom 56.52% got placements, and none was selected for higher studies in 2020; and a considerable 70.27% students graduated, of whom 69.23% got placements and none was selected for higher studies in 2019.
Ph.D. Research Programme
At VCE, merely 2 students have been pursuing research studies until 2021, however, none graduated either.
Median Salary & Top Recruiters
Median Salary of UG Graduates: Rs. 3.75 LPA in 2021, Rs. 3.5 LPA in 2020, and Rs. 3.38 LPA in 2019 at top companies.

Median Salary of PG Graduates: Rs. 2.4 LPA in 2021, Rs. 3 LPA in 2020, and Rs. 3.2 LPA in 2019.
The top recruiters of VCE are Capgemini, Cognizant, Cisco, Amazon, Tata, Virtua, PayTM, Hansa, HCL, JBM Group, Renault, Tech Mahindra, etc., who are looking for talented graduates from VCE for their companies.

Students Diversity at VCE

At VCE, a massive number of 3895 students are currently pursuing their degrees, of whom 67.29% are boys, a modest 32.71% are girls, a huge number of 3652 students are from within the state, merely 235 students are from outside of the state, and the remaining 8 students are from foreign countries.

Facilities on VCE Campus

VCE has a lot of facilities available for students. It has hostels, medical facilities, labs, libraries, cafeterias, a sports complex, a gym, an auditorium, wi-fi campus, IT infrastructures, transport facility, lifts/ramps, etc., that are available for students to stay and study on the campus.

Campus Festivals at VCE

VCE celebrates the Bathukamma Traditional Festival which is the festival celebrated by the tribal women of Telangana advocating the beauty of nature and the vibrant colors of the multitudinous flowers. It is a festival where young girls pray to the goddess to get the husband of their wishes and want to know how to manage the family.

ORTUS is the annual cultural festival celebrated for two days on this campus where over 5000 students from all over the state participate. The word “ORTUS” means ‘raising the sun’ at which many cultural events like music, singing, dancing, live concert, and many more fun activities of various departments at multiple corners of the campus take place. On that night, the final match of the cricket match is played in flood-light, on the second day, a concert from Bollywood or Tollywood takes place to enthrall the students, besides these, Food Stall is conducted for two days where many students participate and run their food stall to show their talent in cooking by displaying a variety of foods at this festival.

Moreover, VCE celebrates sports festivals during the Annual Day Celebration where a wide range of sports events from indoor to outdoor games, and over 70 teams from every sport and game participate. Therefore, these events allow students to get experience in cooperating with others, managing the events nicely, and communicating with each other.

Furthermore, VCE conducts many conferences and workshops on various technologies to get students interested and well-versed in trending technologies.


As VCE is in Hyderabad, an IT city and the capital of Telangana, therefore, it has a good transport system along with major railway stations and an international airport. Both Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station which is about 33.2 km away and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport which is at a distance of around 15.5 km away from the institution are available for reaching this institution, therefore students from any part of the world or nation can commute to this institution.

How to Get Admission at VCE

For UG courses at VCE: Candidates who passed the +2 exam can take and should clear EAMCET for admission to the UG courses for 70% of the seats, whereas 30% of seats are allotted to other candidates.

For PG courses: Candidates who passed the UG degree in the respective stream can take PGECET and should get the required rank for admission to the PG courses for 70% of seats (however, candidates who have a valid GATE score are given the preference), whereas the remaining 30% is allotted to others.

Fee Structure at VCE

Students need to pay approximately Rs. 5 lakhs as total fees for the UG course at VCE, however, the saving grace is they can get a decent salary of Rs. 3.75 LPA at top companies, so they get back this amount within one-and-half years.

VCE Scores by NIRF

Teaching, Learning, and Resources: VCE has a good faculty and better infrastructure for innovative research. Therefore, it scored 53.07%, which accounts to 30% of overall NIRF scores.
Research and Professional Practice: VCE has a good faculty and better infrastructure, however, its research and professional practice is not impressive, therefore, it scored 8%, which accounts to 30% of overall NIRF scores.
Graduate Outcome: As VCE has a conducive atmosphere for study, many students graduated at the minimum stipulated time allocated. Therefore, it scored 55.81%, which accounts to 20% of overall NIRF scores.
Outreach and Inclusivity: VCE has students from every section and every part of India and the world and admitted a modest number of girl students, so it scored 48.64%, which accounts to 10% of overall NIRF scores.

Perception: Though VCE has a decent faculty, better infrastructure, a conducive atmosphere, it has not yet gotten much popularity like first-generation IITs and NITs, however, it has some reputation among the public, therefore it scored 15.35%, which accounts to 10% of overall NIRF scores.

VCE got 35.87% as an overall NIRF score and ranked at number 141.

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