Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar – 2021

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IIT Gandhinagar) is the one of the second generation IITs in India established in 2008 to help the nation to excel in engineering science & technology in India. It has an area of 400 acres on the banks of river Sabarmati in Palaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

In this article, we are going to check out all the information pertaining to institute’ students’ stats’, courses offered, faculty, graduations outcomes & placements, median salary & top recruiters, infrastructures and fees structures. All the details are authentic because we got these from the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) where IIT Gandhinagar shared its reports.

Courses Offered at IIT Gandhinagar

IIT Gandhinagar offers 6 courses in undergraduate and 8 postgraduate programmes in engineering science & technology.

Students Intake at IIT Gandhinagar

Students Intake
IIT Gandhinagar gave admission to 193 students at UG and 160 students at PG in 2021; In 2020, it admitted 194 students at UG and 190 students at PG. In 2019, it admitted 180 students at UG.
IIT Gandhinagar has distinguished professors in its faculty who have published many research papers in National and International Journals. It has 103 professors in its faculty and all of them are PhD holders, the faculty-to-student ratio is 1:10, that is, one professor is available for every 10 students.

IIT Gandhinagar Annual Expenditures

Capital Expenditure
In the year 2021, IIT Gandhinagar spent Rs. 37 crores as a capital expenditure, of which 10.68% spent on procuring books, journals and e-resources for library, a whopping 84.72% of funds spent on buying new equipment and software for quality research, 0.95% on engineering workshop, and rest of the 3.65% fund spent on creation of capital assets and other expenditures. In 2020, the capital expenditure was Rs. 36 crores, and in 2019, it was around Rs. 24 crores. The spending as a capital expenditure is increasing in 2021 when compared to the last two years.
Operational Expenditure
In 2021, IIT Gandhinagar spent over Rs. 118 crores as an operational expenditure, of which 45.2% spent on paying salaries to professors and supporting staffs, more than half of its funds, that is, 54.19% spent on maintaining academic infrastructures, and 0.61% spent on conducting Seminars, Conferences and Workshops. Spending as an operational expenditure was Rs. 102 crores in 2020 and Rs. 93 crores in 2019. So, spending as an operational expenditure is also increasing in 2021 when compared with the last two years.

IIT Gandhinagar Research Details

Since IIT Gandhinagar has a good facility and good infrastructures, therefore, it filed 5 patents in 2021, 2 patents in 2020 and 5 patents in 2019, however, none was granted.
Sponsored Projects
IIT Gandhinagar has many distinguished professors and research scholars at its faculty, so, many big companies are willing to sponsor IIT Gandhinagar, and therefore, it received Rs. 37 cores through the 230 sponsored research projects from 51 companies in the year 2021. In 2020 and 2019, it received Rs. 31.5 and Rs. 25.8 crores through 196 and 156 sponsored research projects from 42 and 26 companies, respectively.
Consultancy Projects
IIT Gandhinagar received Rs. 3.95 crores through 61 consultancy projects from 56 companies in 2021, and it received Rs. 7.27 crores and Rs. 2.40 through 62 and 56 consultancy projects from 57 and 49 companies in 2020 and 2019, respectively.

IIT Gandhinagar Graduation & Placements

UG Graduation & Placements
At IIT Gandhinagar, 178 students who were admitted to UG degree courses, of whom 87.64% were awarded graduations and 68.91% got placements at top companies and 37 were selected for higher studies in 2021; 86.33% students were awarded graduations, of whom 61.35% got placements and 23 were selected for higher studies in 2020; and 72.34% student were awarded graduations, of whom 83.82% got placements and 34 were selected for higher studies in 2019.
PG Graduations & Placements
At IIT Gandhinagar at PG, 68.79% students were awarded graduations, of whom 68.57% got placements at top companies and 27 were selected for higher studies in 2021; 86.72% students were awarded graduations, of whom 79.45% got placements and 25 were selected for higher studies in 2020; and 74.56% student were awarded graduations, of whom 88.57% got placements and 15 were selected for higher studies in 2019.
PhD Research Programmes
In the PhD research programme, IIT Gandhinagar admitted 440 students to research of whom 51 were awarded graduations in 2021, 16 and 12 students were awarded graduations in 2020 and 2019, respectively.
Median Salary & Top Recruiters
Median Salary of UG Graduation: UG graduates got Rs. 8.96 LPA in 2021, Rs. 7.25 LPA in 2020 and Rs. 7 LPA in 2019 at top companies.

Median salary of PG graduates: Rs. 8.4 LPA in 2021, Rs. 7.3 LPA in 2020 and Rs. 6.25 LPA in 2019.
Companies like Cognizant, Infosys, BHEL, BEL, NPCL, HAL, ISRO, BPCL, DRDO, JSW Steel, JCB India, IOC, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Essar Oil, Flipkart, Trident, GAIL, Honda cars, Maruti Suzuki, Goldman Sachs, Tata steel, HPCL, BARC, etc., are looking for graduates at IIT Gandhinagar.

Students Diversity at IIT Gandhinagar

There are 1063 students currently pursuing their degrees, of whom 84.2% are boys and 15.80% are girls, 173 students are from within the state, 884 from outside of the state and 6 from foreign countries.

Facilities on IIT Gandhinagar Campus

IIT Gandhinagar has a lot of facilities that students can use. It has hostels, Hospital, Post Office, Bank, Tea Post, Amul Store, Grocery Store, General Store, Salon, lifts/rams, etc.

Campus Festivals at IIT Gandhinagar

There are many annual festivals are being celebrated on IIT Gandhinagar campus; some of the main annual festivals are:

Amalthea – Amalthea is an annual technical festival celebrated on IIT Gandhinagar campus to entice the interest of the students in engineering science & technology and showcase their skills at the summit.

Blithchron – Blithchron is the annual cultural festival celebrated for 2 days where events like fashion shows, Antarangee, Panache and Jobless are performed. Over 22000 students from Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat are participating in the festival.

Hallabol – Hallabol is the all night intra-institute sports festival where games like frisbee, gully cricket, etc., are being played.

Ignite – Ignite is another techfest to view engineering science & technology in another perspective.

Jashn – Jashn is another cultural festival, but it is an intra-institute event where movie making, quizzing, singing, dancing and musical competitions are taking place.


IIT Gandhinagar is 29.9 km away from Ahmedabad Railway Station and 21.4 kms from Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport, where taxis are available for IIT Gandhinagar, so students from any parts of India and the world can commute easily to this institution.

How to Get Admission at IIT Gandhinagar

Studying science and technology is the dream of most of the students, but to make that dream real, we need a good institution. When we think about a good institution, IITs come first. So, here are the procedures to get admission to IIT Gandhinagar:

For UG courses at IIT Gandhinagar: Students who passed or appeared for +2 exam with at least 75% marks can take Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and should pass the minimum cut-off mark set by JEE IIT Gandhinagar in JEE advanced exam.

For PG courses: Students who passed bachelor degree or appeared for final exam can take Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and should pass GATE to get admission to this institution.

Fee Structure at IIT Gandhinagar

Students need to pay Rs. 8.65 lakhs as fees for UG courses at IIT Gandhinagar, however, the saving grace is they can get a good salary of Rs. 8.96 LPA at a top company, so they can get back this amount in a year, so the burden of fees would be eased.

IIT Gandhinagar Scores by NIRF

Teaching, Learning and Resources: IIT Gandhinagar has a good faculty and better infrastructures for doing innovative research. Therefore, it scored 82.10%, which accounts to 30% of overall NIRF scores.
Research and Professional Practice: IIT Gandhinagar has many distinguished professors and research scholars, so it scored 35.05%, which accounts to 30% of overall NIRF scores.
Graduate Outcome: As IIT Gandhinagar has a conducive atmosphere for study, many students graduated at minimum stipulated time, so for this good performance it scored 57.31%, which accounts to 20% of overall NIRF scores.
Outreach and Inclusivity: IIT Gandhinagar has students from every section and every part of India as well as the world, so it scored 62.64%, which accounts to 10% of overall NIRF scores.

Perception: IIT Gandhinagar has a good faculty, impressive infrastructures and a conducive atmosphere, and its graduation outcomes and placements at top companies are also good, however, it is a new IIT, so it scored 39.87% in NIRF grading, which accounts to 10% of overall NIRF scores.

IIT Gandhinagar got 56.86% as an overall NIRF score and Ranked at number 22.