Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar – 2021

Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (IIT Bhubaneswar) is at the foot of the Barunei Hill established in 2008. It is the one of the new second generation IITs established by the Government of India to excel the country in engineering science & technology. The permanent campus was inaugurated by current PM Shri Narendra Modi in 2018 in an area of 936 acres in full natural environment at Arugul at the foot of Barunei Hill, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha.

In this analysis, we are going to check out all the details pertaining to the institute’ students’ stats, faculty, courses offered, graduation outcomes & placements, median salary & top recruiters, infrastructures and fees structures. All the details are authentic since we got these from the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) where IIT Bhubaneswar gave its reports.

Courses Offered at IIT Bhubaneswar

IIT Bhubaneswar offers 6 courses in undergraduate programmes, 6 courses in dual degree programmes and a decent number of 14 courses in postgraduate programmes in engineering science & technology.

Students Intake at IIT Bhubaneswar

Students Intake
IIT Bhubaneswar admitted 290 students to UG courses, 99 students to dual degree courses and 246 students to PG courses in 2021; 260 students to UG, 90 students to dual degree and 172 students to PG in 2020; and 260 students to UG, 90 students to dual degree in 2019.
IIT Bhubaneswar has 150 eminent professors at its faculty and all of them are PhD holders. The faculty-to-student ratio at this faculty is 1:11, that is, one professor is available for every 11 students.

IIT Bhubaneswar Annual Expenditures

Capital Expenditure
IIT Bhubaneswar spent Rs. 23.9 crores as a capital expenditure in the year 2021, of which it spent 24.25% on library for acquiring research journals, books and e-resources for reading, a half of fund, that is 47.82% spent on buying new equipment and software for conducting quality research, and 20.25% on engineering workshops and remaining 7.68% on capital assets creations like build the new building. It spent Rs. 23 crores as capital expenditures in 2020 and Rs. 16 crores in 2019.
Operational Expenditure
IIT Bhubaneswar spent Rs. 86 crores as an operational expenditure in 2021, of which it spent 43.92% on salary for professors and supporting staff, 54.95% on maintaining academic infrastructures in the institution, and remaining 1.13% on conducting Seminars, Conferences and Workshops. It spent Rs. 73 crores as an operational expenditure in 2020 and spent Rs. 68 crores in 2019. Spending as an operational expenditure is increasing in 2021 when compared with the last two years.

IIT Bhubaneswar Research Details

As IIT Bhubaneswar has a good faculty, better infrastructures and conducive atmosphere for quality research, it filed 4 patents in 2021, 4 in 2020 and 8 in 2019, however, none was granted.
Sponsored Projects
IIT Bhubaneswar has a fantastic faculty, good scholars and impressive infrastructures. Therefore, in 2021, 31 agencies have funded 135 projects at this institution and it earned Rs. 13.9 crores through these projects. In 2020, 34 agencies funded 127 projects, through which it earned Rs. 16.3 crores, and in 2019, it earned Rs. 10.14 crores from 107 projects sponsored by 30 agencies.
Consultancy Projects
IIT Bhubaneswar has worked on 61 consultancy projects from 46 companies and earned Rs. 3.3 crores in 2021, it earned Rs. 3.21 crores through 44 projects from 35 companies in 2020, and it earned Rs. 2.18 crores through 38 projects from 32 companies in 2019.

IIT Bhubaneswar Graduations & Placements

UG Graduations & Placements
There were 212 students admitted to this institution at UG, of whom 91.98% were awarded graduations and 81.67% of them got placements at top companies and 4 students were selected for higher education in 2021; 91.36% students were awarded graduations, of whom 87.59% got placements and 11 were selected for higher education in 2020; and 96.34% students were awarded gradations, of whom 91.55% got placements and 16 were selected for higher education in 2019.
PG Graduations & Placements
At IIT Bhubaneswar at PG programmes, 89.10% students were awarded graduations, of whom 60.18% got placements at top companies and 31 were selected for higher education in 2021; 82.40% students were awarded graduations, of whom 75% got placements and 15 were selected for higher education in 2020; and 84.9% students were awarded gradations, of whom 80.3% got placements and 24 were selected for higher education in 2019.
PhD Research Programmes
At IIT Bhubaneswar, 161 students were admitted to PhD programmes in engineering science & technology and 20 students were awarded degrees in 2021, 15 students in 2020 and 5 students in 2019.
Median Salary & Top Recruiters
Median salary of UG graduates from IIT Bhubaneswar: Rs. 13.5 lakhs per annum at all top companies in 2021, Rs. 9 lakhs in 2020 and Rs. 8.8 lakhs in 2019.

Median salary of PG graduates: Rs. 11.5 LPA in 2021, Rs. 6.5 LPA in 2020 and Rs. 6.2 LPA in 2019.
Many companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Amazon, Vedanta, TRAI, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell, GAIL, REC, GE India, Adobe, CDAC, Tata Steel, etc., are looking for graduates at IIT Bhubaneswar.

Students Diversity at IIT Bhubaneswar

IIT Bhubaneswar has a blend of students who came from all sections and all parts of India and the world. There are 1681 students who are pursuing their studies, of whom 86.02% are boys and 13.98% are girls. There are 148 students from within the state, 1532 from outside of the state and 1 from foreign countries.

Facilities on IIT Bhubaneswar Campus

IIT Bhubaneswar has plenty of facilities that students can benefit from. It has separate hostels for both boys and girls, ground for cricket and hockey, sports complex, gym, cafeteria, wi-fi campus, auditorium, convenience stores, lift/ramps, etc.

Annual Festivals at IIT Bhubaneswar

Wissenaire is the techfest at IIT Bhubaneswar which is used to pump up the interest of the students and give the opportunity to showcase their technical prowess.

Alma Fiesta is the annual cultural festival and is one of the biggest cultural events in east India where many college students from Kerala to Delhi are participating. Discussion, Solo Dancing and Group Dancing competition are taking place at this festival. Kite Flying Festival is another notable festival where all the students, professors and staff are enjoying this event by flying their kites.


IIT Bhubaneswar is 30 kms away from Bhubaneswar. The nearest railway station is Khurda Road Junction Railway Station that is 8 kms away from IIT Bhubaneswar. For air travellers, Bhubaneswar Biju Patnaik International Airport is available, which is 32.1 kms from this Institution. From Airport and railway station, taxis are available for this institution. So, students from any part of India and the world can commute to this institution.

How to Get Admission at IIT Bhubaneswar

Studying science and technology is the dream of most students, but to make that dream real, we need a good institution. When we think about a good institution, IITs and NITs come first. So, here are the procedures to get admission to IIT Bhubaneswar:

For UG courses: Students who passed or appeared for the +2 exam can take the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and should pass the minimum cut-off mark/rank required at this institution in the JEE Advance exam.

For PG courses: Students who passed a bachelor’s degree or appeared for the final exam with a minimum of 60% or 6.5 on a 10 point scale in B.Tech and B.E. can take the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and should pass GATE to get admission to this institution.

Fee Structure at IIT Bhubaneswar

Students need to pay Rs. 10.45 lakhs as fees for UG courses at this institute, however, the saving grace is they can get an impressive salary of Rs. 13.5 LPA at a good company, so, they can get back this amount within a year.

IIT Bhubaneswar Scores by NIRF

Teaching, Learning and Resources: IIT Bhubaneswar has good faculty and better infrastructures for doing research. Therefore, it scored 75.09%, which accounts to 30% of overall NIRF scores.
Research and Professional Practice: IIT Bhubaneswar has many distinguished professors and research scholars, so it scored 37.81%, which accounts to 30% of overall NIRF scores.
Graduate Outcome: As IIT Bhubaneswar has a conducive atmosphere for study, many students graduated at minimum stipulated time, so for this good performance it scored 66.44%, which accounts to 20% of overall NIRF scores.
Outreach and Inclusivity: IIT Bhubaneswar has students from every section and every part of India as well as the world, so it scored 55.62%, which accounts to 10% of overall NIRF scores.

Perception: IIT Bhubaneswar has good faculty, better infrastructures, and a conducive atmosphere, and its graduation outcomes and placements at top companies are also good, however, it is a new IIT, so it scored 29.93% in NIRF grading, which accounts to 10% of overall NIRF scores.

IIT Bhubaneswar got 55.71% as an overall NIRF score and Ranked at number 28.

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