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Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Gwalior (ABVIIIT Gwalior) started in 1997 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh in an area of 180 acres near Gwalior Fort as an autonomous institute set by the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development (presently Ministry of Education) to create professionals in areas of management and information technology (IT). The name ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee’ is prefixed in 2002 to honor then Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The idea of establishing central institutions exclusively for IT as established exclusively for engineering and technology institutions like IITs and NITs was conceived in 1992 and decided in 1995. This institute was created for facilitating higher education, research, and consultancy in areas of IT and business management.

In this analysis, we are going to check out all the details about the institute’s students stats, faculty, courses offered, graduation outcomes & placements, median salary & top recruiters, infrastructures, and fees structures. All the details are authentic since we got these from the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) where ABVIIIT Gwalior gave its reports.

Courses Offered at IIIT DM Jabalpur

ABVIIIT Gwalior offers just 1 course in undergraduate programs and 4 courses in postgraduate programs in engineering and science & technology.

Students Intake at IIIT DM Jabalpur

Students Intake

ABVIIIT Gwalior admitted 74 students to UG courses, 50 students to PG courses and 119 students to integrated PG in 2021, 66 students to UG courses, 120 students to PG courses and 110 students to integrated PG in 2020, and 41 students to UG courses and 93 students to integrated PG courses in 2019.


ABVIIIT Gwalior has 34 distinguished professors at its faculty, of whom all are Ph.D. holders, and the faculty-to-student ratio is 1:23, that is, one professor is available for every 23 students.

IIIT DM Jabalpur Annual Expenditures

Capital Expenditure

ABVIIIT Gwalior spent Rs. 3.2 crores as capital expenditure in 2021, of which a considerable 38.94% spent on procuring books, journals, and e-resources for the library, 35.44% spent on buying new equipment and software for quality research, 3.13% on engineering workshops, and the remaining 22.49% of its fund spent on the creation of capital assets and other expenditures. In 2020, the capital expenditure was Rs. 3 crores and it was around Rs. 2.5 crores in 2019.

Operational Expenditure

ABVIIIT Gwalior spent over Rs. 27.5 crores in 2021 as operational expenditure, of which a considerable 61.87% of its funds spent on paying salaries to professors and supporting staff, an almost equal 36.94% of its funds spent on maintaining academic infrastructures, and the remaining 1.19% spent on conducting Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops. Spending as an operational expenditure was Rs. 29.3 crores in 2020 and Rs. 24.3 crores in 2019. 

IIIT DM Jabalpur Research Details

Patents Details

ABVIIIT Gwalior filed 1, 3, and 1 patent applications in 2021, 2020, and 2019, respectively, however, it was able to get 1 patent in 2020.

Sponsored Projects

As ABVIIIT Gwalior has many distinguished professors and research scholars at its faculty, many big companies are willing to sponsor this institution, and therefore, it received Rs. 1.2 crores through the 29 sponsored research projects from 10 companies in the year 2021. In 2020 and 2019, it received Rs. 1.1 crores and Rs. 89.8 lakhs through 26 and 30 sponsored research projects from 14 and 13 companies, respectively.

Consultancy Projects

ABVIIIT Gwalior received Rs. 3.5 crores through 9 consultancy projects from the same number of 9 companies in 2020, and it received Rs. 57.1 lakhs through 12 consultancy projects from the same number of 12 companies in 2019.

IIIT DM Jabalpur Graduations & Placements

PG Graduations & Placements

In PG programs, 94% of students graduated, of whom 97.22% got placements at top companies, and 11 were selected for higher studies in 2021, 85.53% of students graduated, of whom 58.18% got placements, and 10 were selected for higher studies in 2020, and 75.28% of students graduated, of whom 50.98% got placements and 16 were selected for higher studies in 2019.

Integrated PG Graduations & Placements

In integrated PG programs, all the students graduated and got the placement, and the remaining 4 students were selected for higher studies in 2021. In 2020, 96.03% of students graduated, of whom 84.07% got the placement and 8 students were selected for higher studies, and all the students graduated, of whom 72.90% got the placements and 5 were selected for higher studies in 2019. 

PhD Research Programmes

In the Ph.D. research program, 44 students have been pursuing research studies till 2021, of whom 8 students graduated in 2021, 10 students graduated in 2020, and 7 students graduated in 2019.

Median Salary & Top Recruiters

Median Salary of PG Graduates: Rs. 7.57 LPA in 2021, Rs. 5.85 LPA in 2020, and Rs. 5.12 LPA in 2019.

Median Salary of Integrated PG Graduates: Rs. 15.7 LPA in 2021, Rs. 11 LPA in 2020, and Rs. 9.42 LPA in 2019.

The top recruiters of the ABVIIIT Gwalior are Dell, Amazon, Samsung, MathWorks, Google, BYJU’s, Rakuten, Goldman Sachs, etc. 

Students Diversity at IIIT DM Jabalpur

At ABVIIIT Gwalior, 794 students are currently pursuing their degrees, of whom 83.63% are boys and merely 16.37% are girls, 109 students are from within the state, and a considerable number of 685 students are from outside of the state.

Facilities on IIIT DM Jabalpur Campus

ABVIIIT Gwalior has a lot of facilities that are available for students. It has hostels, hospitals, labs, libraries, sports complexes, banks and ATMs, a post office, a shuttle service, cafeterias, gyms, an auditorium, a music room, convenience stores, lifts/ramps, etc.

Annual Festivals at IIIT DM Jabalpur

‘Aurora’ is a cultural festival held for three days in February/ March, where  Parivesh (a fashion show showcasing ethnic Indian dresses), personality contest, and Kavi Sammelan; Antakshari, singing competition, dance competitions, and similar such events are organized. It is not just a cultural event but an attempt to promote friendship, teamwork, and alliances. It allows exhibiting students’ talents to members of their community and visitors. Besides this, it actively participates SPIC MACAY, an endeavor of the Government of Madhya Pradesh for promoting classical performance art forms such as music, dance, and drama. Cultural groups and celebrity performers from across India are invited to perform in SPIC MACAY. The Music, Arts, and Dramatics club of this institute also organize events of a smaller scale throughout the year for inspiring talents of this institute.

‘Infotsav’ is the annual technical festival celebrated in October/November that acknowledges technological innovations and management procedures with accolades to recognize excellence in areas of technology and management among its scholars. Participants are invited from leading technology and management institutes of this country, while premier industrial and business houses sponsor this event. Awards are in the form of prize money and recognition.

Moreover, ABV-IIITM students, research scholars, faculty, staff members, and alumni are free to contribute to the literary efforts of this institute. The institute issues magazines, newsletters, and reports for internal and online circulation. Issues are either in English or Hindi and are informative and entertaining. ‘High intelligence Quotient’ (HIQ) the most successful endeavor initiated in 2001 is this institute’s initiative to encourage innovative knowledge amongst its learners. ABV-IIITM believes that every dream could be achieved if it is purposeful and feasible and it celebrates creative thoughts and knowledge among students through interactive sessions, classroom lectures, and quiz rounds. 

‘Urja’ is an intra-institute sports festival celebrated for three days in February/ March, learners are encouraged to participate in this event at least in the form of a spectator. Athletes are always inspired by the presence of a team of supporters. Urja not only tests one’s physical abilities in track and field events but also offers an opportunity for creating a familial bond among different members of learners.

‘Twaran’ is an inter IIITM athletics event held in February/ March every year. Students from four IIITMs in Allahabad, Jabalpur, Kanchipuram, and Gwalior take part in this track and field competition with zeal and enthusiasm. In addition to sporting glories achieved, Twaran provides a platform for interacting with IIITMians across India.

In addition to this, yoga is also organized to refresh and rejuvenate their mind and body.


ABVIIIT Gwalior is in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, one of the major cities in Madhya Pradesh connected to major metropolitan cities by road, rail, and air. Gwalior Railway Station is at a distance of 2.4 km away and Gwalior Airport is at a distance of around 6.4 km away from the institution are available to reach this institution. Therefore, students from India and the world can commute to this institution.

How to Get Admission at IIIT DM Jabalpur

For UG courses at ABVIIIT Gwalior: Candidates who passed or are appearing for the +2 exam or equivalent recognized by the university can take Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main and should get the minimum cut-off mark/rank required at this institution. Seats are allotted through JoSSA.

For PG courses: Candidates from respective streams need to pass the GATE exam, and admissions are given through CCMT.

Fee Structure at IIIT DM Jabalpur

Students need to pay Rs. 5.43 lakhs as overall fees for integrated PG courses at ABVIIIT Gwalior, however, the saving grace is they can get a good salary of Rs. 15.7 LPA at top companies, so they get back this amount within a year.

IIIT DM Jabalpur Scores by NIRF

Teaching, Learning, and Resources: ABVIIIT Gwalior has a good faculty and good infrastructure for doing innovative research. Therefore, it scored 49.90%, which accounts to 30% of overall NIRF scores.

Research and Professional Practice: ABVIIIT Gwalior has many distinguished professors and research scholars and also got a patent for innovative research, however, it scored 17.04%, which accounts to 30% of overall NIRF scores.

Graduate Outcome: As ABVIIIT Gwalior has a conducive atmosphere for study, many students graduated at the minimum stipulated time, so for this good performance it scored 66.48%, which accounts to 20% of overall NIRF scores.

Outreach and Inclusivity: ABVIIIT Gwalior has students from every section and every part of India as well as the world, so it scored 53.57%, which accounts to 10% of overall NIRF scores.

Perception: ABVIIIT Gwalior has a good faculty, good infrastructures, and a conducive atmosphere, and its graduation outcomes and placements at top companies are also good, however, it has not yet gotten much popularity like first-generation IITs and NITs, therefore it scored 4.90%, which is accounts to 10% of overall NIRF scores.

ABVIIIT Gwalior got 38.33% as an overall NIRF score and ranked at number 106.

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