Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur- 2022

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) was started as Visvesvaraya Regional Engineering College (VRCE) in 1960 by the initiative of the Government of India and the Maharashtra Government by amalgamating the state government engineering college that had been functioning since June 1956 as a polytechnic institute in Nagpur Maharashtra. It was named after the eminent engineer, planner, and statesman of the country Sir M. Visvesvaraya in 1962. It is one of the eight new NITs started by the government of India to provide trained manpower to ever-growing Indian industries. In 2002, The Government of India accorded it a deemed-to-be-university by passing an act in the parliament, and in 2007, it was declared an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India. It has an area of 215 acres in Nagpur, the Orange City of India, Maharashtra. 

Courses Offered at VNIT Nagpur

As VNIT Nagpur is a promising institution in the engineering category, it is one of the most desired institutions for every engineering aspirant to study and research in the engineering field, therefore let us see how many courses are offered at this institution before entering into it:

VNIT Nagpur offers a decent number of 8 UG courses and a considerable number of 21 PG courses in engineering and technology. 

Students Intake at VNIT Nagpur


Faculty is the backbone of every successful institution to shine, and VNIT Nagpur knows it very well having 240 eminent faculty members at its faculty who are known for publishing research papers in national and international publishers, of whom 91.67% are Ph.D. holders and the faculty-to-student ratio is 1:16, that is, every 16 students will have one faculty member to teach and guide.

VNIT Nagpur Annual Expenditures

Capital Expenditure

Capital expenditure is important for maintaining academic infrastructures and investing in new technology and other assets for growth. VNIT Nagpur is a well-established institution that knows the importance of capital expenditure well, therefore it spent Rs 47.90 crores as capital expenditure in 2022, of which it spent 3.32% on the library to purchase books, journals, and e-resources for studying and taking references from research articles; a fair 41.25% was spent on procuring equipment and software for laboratories; 4.43% was spent on engineering workshops, which is higher than the amount spent in the last two years; and the remaining considerable 51.00% was spent as other expenditures on the creation of capital assets like setting up classrooms, a seminar hall, a conference hall, a library, a lab, and engineering workshops excluding expenditure on land and building, which is also high when compared to the amount spent in the last two years. In 2021, capital expenditure was around Rs 34.47 crore, and in 2020, it was around Rs 28.68 crore. The capital expenditure was higher in 2022 than in the last two years as VNIT Nagpur spent more funds on engineering workshops and capital asset creation. 

Operational Expenditure

Operational expenditure is necessary for running the institution smoothly. Therefore VNIT Nagpur spent a significant Rs 124.92 crores in 2022 as operational expenditure to run the institution, of which it spent a considerable 79.41% on salaries for faculty and other non-teaching staff, 20.22% on the maintenance of academic infrastructure or consumables, and the remaining 0.37% on conducting seminars, conferences, and workshops, which is lower than the funds spent in 2021 and 2020. In 2021, VNIT Nagpur spent Rs 128.40 crore as operational expenditure, and in 2020, the operational expenditure was Rs 130.50 crore.


Ph.D. Research Studies

As VNIT is the central institution with all the necessary facilities such as faculty, library, laboratory, workshops, etc., many students want to pursue Ph.D. research studies at this institution. Hence, 494 students have been pursuing their research studies till 2022, of whom 49 graduated in 2022, 61 graduated in 2021, and 100 graduated in 2020. 


Publishing and getting patents is an important factor that every institution is trying for it. As VNIT Nagpur is one of the best NIT in India in the engineering category, it received 23 patents in 2022 when it filed 14 patent applications; got 10 patents and filed 16 patent applications in 2021; and got none, however, filed 23 patent applications in 2020. Therefore, VNIT Nagpur has done much research and found many innovative solutions in 2022 thereby it has got more patents than in the last two years.

VNIT Nagpur Research Details

Sponsored Research Details

As VNIT Nagpur has been known for research and innovation in the field of engineering, it is able to get a decent number of patents for innovation and invent inventions that have been used to shape the future of the country and the world, hence many companies are willing to sponsor their projects at this institution. Therefore in 2020, Rs 19.53 crores were received from 43 companies for undertaking 155 sponsored projects, however, in 2021, the fund from sponsored research projects decreased to Rs 12.13 crores when it worked on 115 projects for 45 companies. Despite that, getting sponsored project funds increased to Rs 15.33 crores from 60 sponsored organizations through 146 projects in 2022.

Consultancy Projects

Since VNIT Nagpur is a pioneer institution in research and invented many ground-breaking inventions, and also has a good faculty and research scholars, world-class infrastructures for conducting research, and a perfect environment for study, many public and private organizations are willing to get knowledge and intellectual inputs from VNIT Nagpur for their projects, therefore, it received Rs 20.83 crores from 557 companies for giving consultations on 862 consultancy projects in 2020, whereas, in 2021, receiving the consulting fund decreased to Rs 15.46 crores, which came through 647 projects from 352 companies, however, in 2022, it has received an increased amount of Rs 17.78 crores from 278 companies through 344 projects.

VNIT Nagpur Graduations & Placements

UG Graduations & Placements

As VNIT Nagpur has a good faculty, impressive infrastructures, and a conducive environment, an impressive 98.24 and 98.98% of students got graduations in 2020 and 2021 in UG courses, however, the performance has come down to 94.74% in 2022 with a 4.28% drop.VNIT Nagpur is one of the best institutions in placing many students in Indian as well as foreign companies, and this trend continued in 2020, where it placed 88.46% of UG graduates at top companies with a good salary package, and the performance increased to 95.22% in 2021 with a 7.64% increase, further it increased to an impressive 99.40% with a 4.39% hike in 2022.

PG Graduations & Placements

On the contrary, a phenomenal 100% graduation was recorded in 2020 in PG courses, however, in the next two years, it got a downward trend coming to 84.77% with a 15.23% slump and 75.96% with a 10.39% dip, respectively.

In the PG courses, 67.21% of PG graduates were placed at top companies in 2020, and the placement slightly increased to 68.12% in 2021, however, in 2022, it reduced to 65.41% with a 3.99% drop.


Median Salary & Top Recruiters

Salary is an important factor for every outgoing student who pays a significant amount for their course fees. Therefore, let us see the median salary for graduates who completed different courses: 

Median Salary for UG Graduates: UG graduates got a good median salary of Rs 6.00 lakhs per annum in 2020, however, the salary package increased to Rs 8.53 lakhs in 2021 with a quantum jump of 42.17%, however, it slightly reduced to Rs 8.42 lakhs in 2022. 

Median Salary for PG Graduates: PG graduates got Rs 6.00 lakhs per annum in 2020 and got an increased amount of Rs 8.4 lakhs in 2021 with a 40% hike, however, it got a dip in 2022 coming down to Rs 7.89 lakhs.

Due to the well-experienced faculty, state-of-the-art research facility, and charming conducive atmosphere, VNIT Nagpur produces well-capable graduates to serve in the industry and the nation. Therefore, many top Indian and international companies such as Aditya Birla, Amazon, Bharti Airtel, BNY Mellon, Capgemini, Deloitte, India Mart, Infosys, Goldman Sachs, etc., are vying for fresh graduates for their companies.  

Student diversity at VNIT Nagpur

Student diversity is the mirror that shows the perception of the institution among the public, therefore let us see student diversity.

VNIT Nagpur has a significant number of 3894 students who are currently pursuing their courses, of whom, 81.25% are boys and 18.75% are girls; of the total number of students, a considerable 1775 are from within the state, a significant number of 2036 are from other states, and the remaining 83 are from foreign countries.

Facilities on VNIT Nagpur Campus

Campus life is an unforgettable time for every student because students from all sections of society and all parts of the nation and the world come together and share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge whereby they gain knowledge from each other, and it molds their features. Due to this, society and the nation would benefit. However, for good campus life, the particular campus should have all the facilities to encourage them to think freely and nurture their knowledge. Therefore, let us see the facilities on the VNIT Nagpur campus for students.

As VNIT Nagpur is a residential institution, it has 11 hostel blocks, of which seven for boys and four for girls housing over a thousand students, and each hostel is having telephone, TV, Sports Items, Water Coolers, Water Heaters, and well-equipped mess service, however, hostel inmates should join the mess and should bear the wages of mess cook, servants, helpers, and cleaners. As the library is an essential part of every institution to know about development happening around the world, VNIT Nagpur has a five-decade-old library housed in a three-story independent building having a wide range of resources from books and journals to e-resources. As its information resources center is automated by using LIBSYS software, users can access the catalog through the OPAC anytime, however, the library opens from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday, and remains closed Saturday and Sunday, and all other holidays. In the same way, the world-class laboratory is an inalienable part of every technical institution, therefore VNIT Nagpur has world-class laboratories for every branch of studies it offers. It has world-class laboratories like Texas Embedded Systems Labs, Texas Analog Design Lab, etc., with advanced equipment and software like spectrum Analysers (1 GHz), DaVinci Video Processor, etc. As sports make a good healthy body and mind, VNIT Nagpur provides excellent sports facilities. It has grounds for cricket, football, hockey, etc., and an indoor badminton wooden court, volleyball court, and tennis court along with a gymnasium. For good medical care, it has a hospital with doctors in every essential department like general medicine, dentistry, gynecology, pediatrics, etc. For advanced medical care, it has 22 impaneled reputed hospitals in Nagpur for treatments and diagnostics. Besides these, it has a guest house, community shops, lecture theaters, Banks and ATMs, a post office, a yoga center, etc.

Annual Festivals at VNIT Nagpur

 However, without a fest, how can students get refreshed? To make students refresh and rejuvenate, VNIT Nagpur celebrates AAROHI as the annual cultural fest for three days where plenty of colorful cultural events are organized to make it the biggest fest in central India. Besides this, it celebrates AXIS as an annual technical fest on the campus for three days where a barrage of brainstorming technical events are organized to give some food for their hunger in engineering and technology, and eminent personalities like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. AS Kiran Kumar, Nitin Gadkari, etc., participate and felicitate the fest.


VNIT is in Nagpur which is well connected by both rail and air with the rest of India and the world. Nagpur Junction Railway Station is one of the major railway stations in India, which is 8.6 km away from the institution and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is 8.2 km away from this institution. So, students from any part of the country and the world can commute to this institution.

How to Get Admission at VNIT Nagpur

Studying technology and engineering is the dream of most students, but to make that dream real, we need good institutions like IITs and NITs. Here are the procedures to get admission to VNIT:

For UG courses: The candidate who passed or appeared for the +2 exam with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with any one of the Chemistry/Biotechnology/Biology/Technical Vocational Subjects can take the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main and should pass the minimum cut-off mark/rank required at this institution in the JEE main exam.

For PG courses: The candidate who passed a bachelor’s degree or appeared for the final exam with a minimum of 60% marks or 6.5 on a 10-point CGPA scale (55% marks or 6.0 on a 10-point CGPA scale for SC/ST/PwD) can take the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and should pass GATE to get admission to this institution. 

Fee Structure at VNIT Nagpur

As VNIT Nagpur is a world-renewed institution, it is the top-most destination for every engineering aspirant to study in this institution, therefore it is important to know all the details, particularly, Fee Structure for UG courses.

VNIT Nagpur charges approximately Rs 82,350 as the first-semester fee for pursuing UG courses and Rs 5.50 lakhs as the total fees for 4 years, however, students can get an impressive median salary of around Rs 8.42 lakhs per annum at top companies after successfully completing the course. Therefore, they can earn back their fees within a year and the burden of paying fees would be eased soon.

VNIT Nagpur Scores by NIRF

Teaching, Learning, and Resources: VNIT Nagpur has a fantastic faculty and impressive infrastructure for producing qualified graduates. Therefore, it scored 66.38%, which accounts to 30% of overall NIRF scores.

Research and Professional Practice: VNIT Nagpur has many distinguished faculty members and research scholars who invented some new technologies and innovative solutions and published a considerable number of research articles in national and international journals besides gathering research-related information and using it for further research is fair. Therefore it scored 48.85% in this section, which accounts to 30% of overall NIRF scores.

Graduate Outcome: As VNIT Nagpur has a conducive atmosphere for study with an impressive infrastructure, most students graduated within the minimum stipulated time. Therefore, for this outstanding performance, it scored 75.64%, which accounts to 20% of overall NIRF scores.

Outreach and Inclusivity: VNIT Nagpur has a blend of students from every section and every part of India as well as the world and has admitted more students from other states than students from within the state, however, the number of girl students admitted at this institution is not impressive. Therefore, it scored 53.15%, which accounts to 10% of overall NIRF scores.

Perception: VNIT Nagpur has fantastic faculty, impressive infrastructures, and a conducive atmosphere, and its graduation outcome and placements at top companies are excellent, besides these, it got some patents and placed many students at top international companies. However, it scored 16.07% in NIRF grading, which accounts to 10% of overall NIRF scores.

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